Monday, June 23, 2008

Settling In To Paradise

Well we are officially moved out and set up in our new little home in Monroe. I think I was a bit worried about things because sometimes when you have something pictured in your mind for so long it is a bit of a disappointment when it happens...In this case this life seems to suit me even better than I had dreamed! I love it here! I sigh all of the time and my husband and kids know that after the sigh come the words, "I love it here!" I wake up every morning and have that peaceful vacation feeling come over me. The noises I hear are roosters crowing (I didn't know they did it all day!), geese honking, and quiet. My boys play together all day! We have a magical storytelling tree and they named all of the other trees-Dickens, Lewis, Beethoven, Handel, Bob and I can't remember the other ones. Lyndon and I had an anniversary Saturday and we had the two most amazing girls here to watch the boys. We went to dinner at our town restaurant (yummy) and then went and saw a home that is our same floor plan (it's even better than I hoped!) Now this moving thing hasn't been the fun little "project" I had envisioned! With the five boys, two yards, a home to clean and organize, plus that little moving thing I am exhausted! My boys walked down to our park for "lunch at the park", the baby is asleep and all is quiet. Sigh...."I love it here..."

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Well, two weeks went by and nothing on the house. We settled in for a nice long wait. We knew the market was bad and this would take some calls, no interest. Last week we got a call. She walked through, said she would take it-the papers are in order and I have around 20 days to get my little self not to mention the husband, 5 boys, dog and goldfish to a new location! President Uchtdorf said about his calling that he felt "joyfully overwhelmed." I hope it appropriate to say this is exactly how I feel. I am so grateful that I didn't have to show it over and over and that a really sweet family who is excited to move here get to. A few minutes ago we rented the greatest little house in Monroe. It is a huge acre of yard with mature climbing trees (the thing I was most sad about leaving was my trees), fruit trees, cute little house (and I do mean little-they say love grows best in little houses, I will let you know if that is true), a huge garage so we don't have to rent a storage unit---it's just going to work out really well. I feel so blessed, but a little teary about leaving my home. 8 years ago I talked my cute hubby into buying it even though it was a total dump and we have worked hard to make it a nice home. Four of my sons have come home from the hospital (or another country) to this house. My parents are right across the street and my children have grown so close to them this is hard on all of us. But, there is peace in my heart knowing that we are going the right way for us and just a huge amount of gratitude that the Lord has helped direct us. So this may be all you hear from me for awhile, but if they have the internet in Monroe I will be checking in soon.