Monday, March 29, 2010

A Familiar Sight

Lyndon and I went for the much anticipated ultra-sound on Friday. I couldn't believe the amount of interest in the big question, "what kind of baby will the Friant's be bringing home this time?" As she looked and looked our little one did the usual hide as long as possible, but knowing our situation she was happy to keep looking. It's always so special seeing the little alien face, seeing the kicking and feeling it too. I hate being pregnant, but I am completely aware of what a miracle it is. After a few minutes out came the very familiar sight! I might have a hard time seeing the other little parts, but this one has sort of become my specialty. Lyndon started laughing and at first my heart sank. I was so sure that we were having a little girl this time. About two second later I looked at the screen and I saw the most beautiful thing, my son. I could never wish him to be other than who he is, I adore him already. And as the minutes went on and I knew that this son of mine would be my last child I felt nothing but honored. I am the mom of six sons! Isn't that amazing! If I live up to my duty I get to help six little men become big men. As for not having a daughter, I always tease that I don't do hair or emotions, but the truth is I wasn't teasing. If a daughter would have joined our family I would have read all the books like "Raising a Daughter for Dummies", but I think a part of me always would have felt a ltitle lost. Boys make sense to me. "Brother annoyed me, so I hit him", yeah I get that. I love rocks and bugs and stories of adventure. I adore the color blue and have always hated the color pink. I love everything about being the mother of boys. I grew up with one sister and it was always a dream of mine to have a brother. Then when that dream passed I dreamed of having a son. This is a perfect, beautiful example of how the Lord not only heard my prayer, but magnified more than I could ever dream! So the Frian't are having yet another beautiful boy, I almost feel sorry for the millions of condolences we have gotten, talk about the wrong sentiment! But, the good news is, I get it. I get that I am absolutely the most blessed woman there is and I have six messy, noisy, gorgeous boys to prove it.