Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Phase One-Property

This might be totally boring to some of you so skip over these if so. But, I wanted to keep at least a picture progress of the home building for posterity sake....so here it is phase one...Our property...Picture one is our land and picture two with Issac is our view....sigh...I love it here!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Our Family Trip

Just wanted to make sure I posted some photos from our family trip to St. George. Thanks Nicole and Teresa for a super great time. I apologize for whining incessantly about the heat...Oh how I hate the heat....Quick trip highlights
1. Les Miserables at Tuachan with Kyle and my girl friends
2. Fun time with the family at a water place
3. Dinner and lunch with old friends and a new one (Hi Mindy)
4. Coldstone-sorry that's always a highlight for me
5. Having my husband with me-sure he was on the phone, but he was there...
6. Getting home to cooler weather and rain, ahhhh...I love it here!

Totally Fascinating...Really....

I had a fun chance to go to lunch with a friend I haven't really seen since high school (thanks Trish). I loved hearing her tell me what had been going on for the last 15 years. She had such interesting things to share. Then she asked me to tell about my life since high school. I was really excited. It seems like so much has happened, like I have lived 3 lives instead of just one. So I open my mouth to speak and in about 30 seconds I can sum up the whole thing. Graduated from Snow, married high school sweetheart and man of dreams, graduated from Utah State, had first baby, moved to Richfield, had baby, had baby, picked up baby from Haiti, had baby, moved to Monroe...When I finished I was just shocked that this busy exciting bunch of years amounted to a 30 second run down that sounded rather anti-climactic.
But, then I got home and thought about it. Yes, I can give you a quick run down and it doesn't sound like much but if the reality went with it there sure is a lot more to it. For instance. I have been in love with my husband since I was 16. He took me to junior prom and I cried for weeks when he left on his mission, we have been by each others side as we have grown up and almost qualify as grown ups. I had my first son which may be something lots of people have done but when the doctor placed that baby in your arms did you know at that moment the reason you were born? I looked at him and all of a sudden I know why the Lord sent me here and that was to be his mother and I have never had a more spiritual, overwhelming experience in my life. I mentioned that I adopted my son and it was really something. But, I guess I didn't say that I really got to know Heavenly Father at that time and that I learned how intimately involved He is in our lives when he needs something to happen that doesn't make a lot of sense. I guess you don't say when you are having polite conversation that motherhood is the hardest most demanding thing I could possibly imagine. I go to sleep exhausted and wake up feeling much the same way. I had no idea how your heart would break when someone was mean to your little boy and that all of a sudden I would sympathize with my mom who still hates the girl who beat me up in the 5th grade. I hate when mom's brag about their kids and swore I would never do it. Now I can't help it, it took all of my self-control not to pull out a bunch of pictures and tell Trisha every little detail about my crop of boys (yes, I was using restraint, just imagine how bad it could have been if I wasn't trying!) Anyway I could go on and on. I am not the same me I was when we graduated 100 years ago. If I could go back I would change so many things, unwaste so much wasted time...but since that time I am experiencing the refiners fire and while I have many years left in the heat I can see that it is working...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Quirks

My friend Julie tagged me to tell six of my quirks. According to the rules I tell you six of my quirks and then I tag six of you to share your quirks. So here they are...This is hard because I have been in my skin for a long time so everything seems pretty normal to me...
1. I get giddy being in a book store. Not your "oh how lovely books" kind of way, but honestly ready to cry, so happy I don't know where to begin kind of giddy.
2. I am a neat freak...I am working on it but I love clean. Not even so much clean, but neat. I LOVE to organize and love befores and afters. Sometimes I wait to organize just so that the after is more voila like!
3. I adore heavy metal. Now I don't ever listen to it because of the boys and their little developing minds, but when I am in the car by myself or running I do. Now I think the really weird thing is it totally calms me...more than a bubble bath I am serious...
4. I count the letters of words all the live long day and make them fit in a pattern on my fingers. I really can't explain it it's to strange but I do it and I couldn't stop even if I wanted to.
5. I am totally dramatic in my head and completely practical everywhere else. I imagine great scenes for myself where I am a doctor traveling from country to country or I am diagnosed with some strange disease where I must die a romantic type of death (and I really don't watch soaps!)
6. I am addicted to ice cream. Seriously addicted...
OK that was fun, feel free to make fun of me, I now realize just how silly I am! I tag Jen W., Jodi, Lisa, Alleen, Nicole and Teresa...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Simple Life Adored

I know I have mentioned many times how much this country life and me get along. I just feel like I need to get on paper (electronic or otherwise) why this life suits me so well and the contentment that fills my heart being where I am. I feel like I need to be poetic or be filled with small town wit like author Fannie Flagg, however I am not sure that is possible. So, I am going to put it nice and simple because that is what I love the most about my new life...simplicity. I have seen that sign in many craft stores, and it sat right with me but then you get home and live your hectic life and that's all it is is an idea. This new place allows me that without the sign and I feel peace like I have never known. Anne states it so well in Anne Of Avonlea when she says, "Oh, this is a day left over from Eden isn't it?" That is how I feel at the end of a day here as I sit out on my swing often with a little boy tucked under my arm and wonder at the majesty of my view. So here are a few of the things that have filled me with joy in the 6 weeks I have been here:
1. My beautiful yard is filled with raspberry bushes and I spend each morning picking berries and some afternoons making jam to go on homemade bread that for some reason tastes better here.
2. When we go to "town" it is almost like a little event and we go and have "big city" fun and then drive home to our sleepy little town and peace settles in to be home.
3. My son Jamen has found two friends that are the type of boys that if you interviewed friends these are the ones you would chose. He spends his day playing with sheep, chickens, and whatever live thing he can find. He climbs trees and talks with folks (as he call them lately) and he is happy.
4. I spend a good part of my day under a tree, little boys all around reading stacks of books. While my kids have always liked reading it makes it even more wonderous as it is done under the "magical storytelling tree."
5. My neighbors pop in with homemade butter, homemade bread and farm fresh eggs. Today my neighbor called me to the fence for a visit and to introduce me to her baby goose. Seriously is there anything cuter?
6. I was in the city yesterday (the big one) and I counted just for fun the number of billboards that advertised completely useless things that were a waste of money. In about 10 miles there were 12 signs. The stuff on those signs (like implants) just wouldn't go over well with people here. I am surrounded by good examples of 'use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without'. I love that and hope to become more like them as time goes on.
7. I don't feel a need to apologize for things not being perfect here. There's a lot of living going on here and a lot less nitpicking.
The list could really be endless....and I will have more to add to the list later on, but I am simplifying here and so endless rambling really wouldn't do now would it?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Haitian Roots

As you all know I volunteer for an organization called Haitian Roots. Most of you know how dear this is to me and how important it is to my family. Just in case you don't may I give you the information here. Maybe you want to sponsor a child, maybe you know someone who would, or maybe you just want to keep these little ones in your prayers. Here is the link to the website...
I also stole this little video off of my friends blog (thanks Jen) for you to look at if your interested in seeing why I care. Thanks for listening.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chances Are

Let me make a quick apology for my little tantrum last post...one of those weeks you know. All is well on the home front and hubby bought me a camera for my anniversary so I am going to inundate you with photos from it.

The new me is going to try not to make apologies anymore because chances are:
-When you come over you will trip over toys
-If you use my side door you won't be able to get in because of the laundry on the floor
-My son Jamen will hug you and kiss you when first seeing you and then ask you the same question over and over and over and over again
-Isaac will either call you an idiot or hug you
-Kyle will tell you everything you ever wanted to know (or didn't want to know) about presidents
-If you eat here I consider nuggets and macaroni and cheese cooking these days
-Jamen will speak loudly no matter how quietly you ask him to speak
-Grayson will eat off your plate whether he knows you or not
-I will probably be in my jammies if you show up before noon
Truth is the list is long. I have spent years apologizing for these things and let me just say while I haven't given up hope I think that 10 years from now that if I was proud of my little ones instead of embarassed by them that they will take their old mom to lunch instead of avoiding her calls...So chances are these things will happen if you are around us. If you love us anyway we would be happy to see you...if you don't, call us in 10 years and I feel almost sure Isaac won't call you an idiot. But, to those lovely well meaning people who feel they should tell me that Jamen is "hyper", Kyle is going to be "socially messed up" because he homeschools and reads a lot and Isaac should be taught "proper manners" well feel free to save it because I am hoping the new me is on their side instead of yours!

Can I just also take a second to tell you that I have died and gone to heaven with the move we just made. I know I totally sound like Anne from Anne of Green Gables when I gush all of the time, but that is exactly how I feel. I have never been more comfortable in my own skin because of my surroundings. I am including just a couple of photos of our place. Sigh...I love it here....

Thursday, July 10, 2008

All The Ways I am NOT like Emma

I am reading a book about Emma Smith. Here we find the perfect example of patience in the face of adversity, never ending support of a husband and undying devotion to family and to the Lord. This morning I am struck by how much I am NOT like her....While I must firmly say that I am on the Lord's side no matter what, I am certain He spends the majority of his time shaking His head and thinking, "what am I to do with this girl..." This week sports a perfect example of the mess He has on his hands. Lyndon left for the week for the 50 mile scout hike with his troop. I put on my brave face told him to be careful and have fun and assured him we would be fine. I was a bit worried about him because he had been up all night listening to our baby cry, but away he went. With mom's help got the baby to the doctor to find he has an ear and eye infection. He will be fine and only cried for two days straight. Last night I put the kids to bed and watched The Nanny Diaries. I honestly went to bed comforted that at least I wasn't as big of a mess as that mother! Then today hit...my mom is coming today with my nephews and niece. It was easy to get the kids moving because they were looking forward to it. Yes, they had to stop and fight and yell at each other every five seconds but I could almost see the floor which was really something for the last few days. Then they let me know that the garage is locked...my keys are in it....and my car....the other set is far away on a mountain...I tried to figure out how to get to the mountain so I wouldn't have to call a locksmith (what with the fact that he had to bail me out last week my state of mortification had reached an all time high), but to no avail I had to call him anyway. Well it just became to much and I burst into tears. This freaked my kids out and they all burst into tears followed by Kyle trying to break the door down for me (gee thanks)...So I gathered them all said a prayer and apologized for losing it. Then everyone all happy and snuggly I ask them to be good while I take a quick shower. As I am getting out they are pounding on the door yelling fire...I run (not dressed) to check it out and they are all smiling on the couch...."mom we are practicing fire drills!" Emma would have been grateful for the noise, grateful that it wasn't an angry mob, grateful that she had the children around to give her work to do. So here are many of the ways I am NOT like Emma....Will I ever grow up and be the kind of woman that I know I should be?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Flying By The Seat of Our Pants

Hello to you all...I have appreciated the comments of support from so many of you on our latest adventure. This has been a big deal to us. We are trying to be settled in and prepare for step 2, which is find property. We love Monroe and really hope that this is where the Lord wants us. But whatever He has in mind we are game. I have been retaught over the last few weeks the lunacy in making a plan around here! Cases in point
#1 Put house up for sale-it should take about one year to sell and then we will be ready to build (House sold in 2 weeks)
#2 Make plans to go to lunch with a friend who you hardly ever see. It will take some planning (drop offs, pick ups, working out babysitters, etc) but it is all set. 10 Minutes before I am to leave the place some of my kids are being watched, nephew (who I am watching) falls off monkey bars and busts his arm in two places. Lunch turns into afternoon in ER....He is going to be OK thank goodness!
#3 Plan weeks in advance to go to Bryce Canyon for a half marathon stating this time needs to go well...Have one good training week, sell home the next, get pneumonia the next...end of race...
This is my life. These are my circumstances and sometimes the planner in me finds itself in hysterics over the fact that life/kids don't seem to care about my agenda! That said, I wouldn't trade it for a more organized life. This is teaching me that I am not the only human on God's earth (I know the rest of you got that a long time ago) and that my agenda just might not ever come to pass and that is OK...