Thursday, July 10, 2008

All The Ways I am NOT like Emma

I am reading a book about Emma Smith. Here we find the perfect example of patience in the face of adversity, never ending support of a husband and undying devotion to family and to the Lord. This morning I am struck by how much I am NOT like her....While I must firmly say that I am on the Lord's side no matter what, I am certain He spends the majority of his time shaking His head and thinking, "what am I to do with this girl..." This week sports a perfect example of the mess He has on his hands. Lyndon left for the week for the 50 mile scout hike with his troop. I put on my brave face told him to be careful and have fun and assured him we would be fine. I was a bit worried about him because he had been up all night listening to our baby cry, but away he went. With mom's help got the baby to the doctor to find he has an ear and eye infection. He will be fine and only cried for two days straight. Last night I put the kids to bed and watched The Nanny Diaries. I honestly went to bed comforted that at least I wasn't as big of a mess as that mother! Then today mom is coming today with my nephews and niece. It was easy to get the kids moving because they were looking forward to it. Yes, they had to stop and fight and yell at each other every five seconds but I could almost see the floor which was really something for the last few days. Then they let me know that the garage is keys are in it....and my car....the other set is far away on a mountain...I tried to figure out how to get to the mountain so I wouldn't have to call a locksmith (what with the fact that he had to bail me out last week my state of mortification had reached an all time high), but to no avail I had to call him anyway. Well it just became to much and I burst into tears. This freaked my kids out and they all burst into tears followed by Kyle trying to break the door down for me (gee thanks)...So I gathered them all said a prayer and apologized for losing it. Then everyone all happy and snuggly I ask them to be good while I take a quick shower. As I am getting out they are pounding on the door yelling fire...I run (not dressed) to check it out and they are all smiling on the couch...."mom we are practicing fire drills!" Emma would have been grateful for the noise, grateful that it wasn't an angry mob, grateful that she had the children around to give her work to do. So here are many of the ways I am NOT like Emma....Will I ever grow up and be the kind of woman that I know I should be?


Trisha said...

It think we ALL do the comparing thing a little too much. At least I know I certainly do.
We all have room for improvement, but probably shouldn't beat ourselves up as much as we do.
It is the glass half-empty, half-full thing.
It is so easy to focus on the negative.
Okay, so now we are going to tak about the ways that Heather is LIKE Emma. Ü
**This is a little talk that I apparently just had with myself. I apologize for posting it as a comment on your blog. Ü

Nate, Julie, Cicily & Chase said...

I agree with Trisha, we all compare ourselves with others and it really isn't being fair to do that. You are an awesome mother, and I definitely look up to you. You've got a "vanload" (hee hee, that's funny) of kids to care for each day, and I do not know how you do it. Keep up the inspiring work!

Perla said...

practicing fire drills? that is priceless! i am so sorry you have had such a rough week and i'm sorry that you have to drive clear up here tomorrow but i sure look forward to seeing you.

you are like emma to me in that you are determined to keep going forward and trying your best to do what is right! you inspire me and i love you.

Tevita and Jodi said...

I feel for you. I'm sorry about the rough week but if anybody can do it, it's you. Don't beat yourself up, you are human! I love you and have a better week!

Many Days of the Week said...

Hi Heather

I somehow found your blog by following a few different links. It's cool to see you and your boys! We're in Salt Lake now, come and check out my blog.

Jessica Forbes (Robison--subway friend, remember me?)