Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Flying By The Seat of Our Pants

Hello to you all...I have appreciated the comments of support from so many of you on our latest adventure. This has been a big deal to us. We are trying to be settled in and prepare for step 2, which is find property. We love Monroe and really hope that this is where the Lord wants us. But whatever He has in mind we are game. I have been retaught over the last few weeks the lunacy in making a plan around here! Cases in point
#1 Put house up for sale-it should take about one year to sell and then we will be ready to build (House sold in 2 weeks)
#2 Make plans to go to lunch with a friend who you hardly ever see. It will take some planning (drop offs, pick ups, working out babysitters, etc) but it is all set. 10 Minutes before I am to leave the place some of my kids are being watched, nephew (who I am watching) falls off monkey bars and busts his arm in two places. Lunch turns into afternoon in ER....He is going to be OK thank goodness!
#3 Plan weeks in advance to go to Bryce Canyon for a half marathon stating this time needs to go well...Have one good training week, sell home the next, get pneumonia the next...end of race...
This is my life. These are my circumstances and sometimes the planner in me finds itself in hysterics over the fact that life/kids don't seem to care about my agenda! That said, I wouldn't trade it for a more organized life. This is teaching me that I am not the only human on God's earth (I know the rest of you got that a long time ago) and that my agenda just might not ever come to pass and that is OK...

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Trisha said...

Loved your comment on preparing to be "not so single."
As for thinking that your agenda might never come to pass and that things don't work out how you plan....I am a living testament of that! I NEVER would have thought in a million years that I would be still be single at 31. My plan was to be married with 4 (or 5 or 6) kids. And looking around at most of my friends....I am WAY behind. I will have to give you a call next time I am down in the Sevier Valley and maybe we can do lunch or grab a late night dessert or something.