Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chances Are

Let me make a quick apology for my little tantrum last of those weeks you know. All is well on the home front and hubby bought me a camera for my anniversary so I am going to inundate you with photos from it.

The new me is going to try not to make apologies anymore because chances are:
-When you come over you will trip over toys
-If you use my side door you won't be able to get in because of the laundry on the floor
-My son Jamen will hug you and kiss you when first seeing you and then ask you the same question over and over and over and over again
-Isaac will either call you an idiot or hug you
-Kyle will tell you everything you ever wanted to know (or didn't want to know) about presidents
-If you eat here I consider nuggets and macaroni and cheese cooking these days
-Jamen will speak loudly no matter how quietly you ask him to speak
-Grayson will eat off your plate whether he knows you or not
-I will probably be in my jammies if you show up before noon
Truth is the list is long. I have spent years apologizing for these things and let me just say while I haven't given up hope I think that 10 years from now that if I was proud of my little ones instead of embarassed by them that they will take their old mom to lunch instead of avoiding her calls...So chances are these things will happen if you are around us. If you love us anyway we would be happy to see you...if you don't, call us in 10 years and I feel almost sure Isaac won't call you an idiot. But, to those lovely well meaning people who feel they should tell me that Jamen is "hyper", Kyle is going to be "socially messed up" because he homeschools and reads a lot and Isaac should be taught "proper manners" well feel free to save it because I am hoping the new me is on their side instead of yours!

Can I just also take a second to tell you that I have died and gone to heaven with the move we just made. I know I totally sound like Anne from Anne of Green Gables when I gush all of the time, but that is exactly how I feel. I have never been more comfortable in my own skin because of my surroundings. I am including just a couple of photos of our place. Sigh...I love it here....


Tevita and Jodi said...

You are so cute! Do you think that people really don't think we know things about our children? Do they not know that we already know that they can't sit still in church? Why do they have to remind us all the time??? I love you!

Lisa said...

Your place looks awesome!!! All that greenery and so much room to run! Our yard is teeny... -sigh- maybe some day we'll have room to run in big circles.
And can I just say, your boys are the freakin' cutest things around? That red hair on Micah is the most gorgeous hair I've ever seen! And with you as their mom, they will all grow up to be incredible, amazing men!

Perla said...

what an awesome and inspiring post! i love the things you said, especially about being proud of our kids and on their side! i also love the photos of your surroundings. beautiful!!!

Trisha said...

So cute! I want to be just like you when I grow up.

I will give you a call next time I am in the neighborhood. Maybe we can grab a bite or a drink or something??

darl_jo said...

Not sure if you know me. I'm your neighbor from across the street. I happen to be friends with Jessica Forbes who just barely got in touch with me after several years. I found your blog through hers. What a small world!

first, i just gotta say, i absolutly admire you. Only you could make raising 5 boys look easy. I sit here across the street in awe thinking i can do that easy with my 3 kids but then reality hits and i admire you even more.

I love your no apologies. I understand about the laundry, the toys, the kids, and the list goes on.

I adore your family and i'm heartbroken that you'll be moving again before too long. Perhaps i can talk my husband into putting off the plumbing a bit longer ;-) But until then, from one "anti-social at heart" to another, feel free to let the kids run across the street to reek havic with my kids, we all need a few partners in crime once in a while.