Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Simple Life Adored

I know I have mentioned many times how much this country life and me get along. I just feel like I need to get on paper (electronic or otherwise) why this life suits me so well and the contentment that fills my heart being where I am. I feel like I need to be poetic or be filled with small town wit like author Fannie Flagg, however I am not sure that is possible. So, I am going to put it nice and simple because that is what I love the most about my new life...simplicity. I have seen that sign in many craft stores, and it sat right with me but then you get home and live your hectic life and that's all it is is an idea. This new place allows me that without the sign and I feel peace like I have never known. Anne states it so well in Anne Of Avonlea when she says, "Oh, this is a day left over from Eden isn't it?" That is how I feel at the end of a day here as I sit out on my swing often with a little boy tucked under my arm and wonder at the majesty of my view. So here are a few of the things that have filled me with joy in the 6 weeks I have been here:
1. My beautiful yard is filled with raspberry bushes and I spend each morning picking berries and some afternoons making jam to go on homemade bread that for some reason tastes better here.
2. When we go to "town" it is almost like a little event and we go and have "big city" fun and then drive home to our sleepy little town and peace settles in to be home.
3. My son Jamen has found two friends that are the type of boys that if you interviewed friends these are the ones you would chose. He spends his day playing with sheep, chickens, and whatever live thing he can find. He climbs trees and talks with folks (as he call them lately) and he is happy.
4. I spend a good part of my day under a tree, little boys all around reading stacks of books. While my kids have always liked reading it makes it even more wonderous as it is done under the "magical storytelling tree."
5. My neighbors pop in with homemade butter, homemade bread and farm fresh eggs. Today my neighbor called me to the fence for a visit and to introduce me to her baby goose. Seriously is there anything cuter?
6. I was in the city yesterday (the big one) and I counted just for fun the number of billboards that advertised completely useless things that were a waste of money. In about 10 miles there were 12 signs. The stuff on those signs (like implants) just wouldn't go over well with people here. I am surrounded by good examples of 'use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without'. I love that and hope to become more like them as time goes on.
7. I don't feel a need to apologize for things not being perfect here. There's a lot of living going on here and a lot less nitpicking.
The list could really be endless....and I will have more to add to the list later on, but I am simplifying here and so endless rambling really wouldn't do now would it?


Nate, Julie, Cicily & Chase said...

Sounds like bliss! I've never lived a life like that but it sounds wonderful. Sorry you didn't know I had a blog. I think I sent out a mass email about it right when you were moving, so you probably didn't get it or something. Anyway, now you know, and you are free to comment as long as it's nice. :) Just kidding, Heather, you are free to say whatever you feel like saying. Love ya and miss you tons! ~Jules

Trisha said...

Oh, I am soooo jealous! (oops, I am not supposed to be jealous, so maybe envious...nope envy is bad too). Okay jealous in a good way.
The city seems to work better for me as a single...more activities, more opportunities to meet people, etc. I just go back and visit the folks and the small town as often as possible to get my "small town" fix.

Perla said...

I love that quote from Avonlea! that is beautiful! And I love your reasons for where you are. Since I am working on never envying others, I will just focus on how happy I am that a dear friend of mind is happy and at peace in such a beautiful place. My sister is in a similar circumstance. My parents went to visit her in her new home this past weekend and I heard him describe it to a friend on the phone. He said the feeling in the environment was the same one of safety and peace that he grew up in (he is now 77), so that is really awesome. I will focus on the fact that I believe we are in the right place for our family, interacting with the right people lest the envy bug touch me and I lament that fact that I can't be a neighbor bringing over a baby goose for you to see!
I know, also, what a huge blessing it is for you that Jamen has two friends that are awesome. That makes me so happy! What a wonderful thing that you can have this opportunity to eliminate so much of the stuff that has no eternal importance to it! Please passing on these slices to me!

Perla said...

oh many typos in that last comment. sorry. you will have to use your special powers of intuition to interpret

Anonymous said...

Sometimes when you have something long enough, you begin to take it for granted, so thank you for the reminder of the bliss of small town living. And see you at the parade on Wednesday evening! You gotta come, for the Popsicles if nothing else.

Nate, Julie, Cicily & Chase said...

By the way, I love youe new blog layout. It looks classy and simple.