Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's Getting Better Now

In this high tech day and age you really get to know someone by what you hear when their phone starts ringing! I have been shocked and amazed at some of the ring tones I hear feeling like I am getting a glimpse of the soul of someone just from that little blip! You can really meet my husband when you hear his phone. It is a headbanging beat with the song "It's getting better now" by Tesla, a hard rock hair band from the 90s for all of you culturally more refined folks out there. You have to understand that this husband of mine is an engineer and deals in either black or white. He is scared to death of change and has a ritual for everything from the way he towel dries after a shower to how he makes his oatmeal in the morning. So this has been quite a year for this guy! He ended the summer with a new baby boy (#6) he started the holidays with a diagnosis of diabetes, and he is beginning the spring with a new job. This has been the most gut wrenching decision that he has ever had to make and after two great job offers he finally decided on becoming an engineer at Jones and Demille. I know that it will be great for him, because though he hates change he is an never ending optimist and truly does believe that "It's Getting Better Every Day."
While I should have been learning from him over the last 20 years it wasn't until I read the book "As A Man Thinketh" that the power of thought began to sink into me. I have done pretty well at doing the things that I "should" for awhile now. However to often my thoughts did not reflect my actions. Examples: I would make dinner for my family often times thinking "I live in this kitchen, they will whine about it anyway, what is the point? I almost always eat right and exercise 4-6 days a week but I always have the thought, "I am fat, always have been always will be." While doing laundry I always sing the theme song to "The Never Ending Story", I mean talk about a self fulfilling prophecy! OK on the last one with six sons there may be no hope to finishing it....But, I am beginning to see that I have really reaped what I have sown in the garden of my own mind and I am working to change that day by day. Here's to right thinking and to a beautiful year to go with it (let's face it, it may be that long before I post again!)