Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!!!!

I am a mess...I know you know that, but I feel I need to make a list of apologies today...
I'm sorry
-to the primary president who got a call from my kids while I was in the shower who hit redial
-to Grayson's pre-school for having to wait for class pictures for him while they called me to remind me that he was supposed to be at class pictures
-to my homeschool friends who needed my help yesterday and I couldn't help because Micah had the flu
-to the eye surgeon who was coming in early just for us and we had to cancel because Isaac had spent the night in the hotel throwing up with the flu
-to my friend who had surgery and got burnt cookies because I set the timer wrong
-to Micah for dragging him all over yesterday while he was throwing up because his brothers had places to be, and to his dad who comes home to a car and car seats that need to be steam cleaned because I haven't had time
-to my best friend who I was mid conversation with yesterday and my phone died on her because I forgot to plug it in
-to my son Grayson because I was grumpy at him even though I was the one who forgot his stupid pictures
-to my husband who apologized for calling during school time and I said, "I forgive you if it's important." He's my husband for pete's sake that's important enough
There are so many more apologies I need to make, but I am letting my son cry it out in the crib (sorry Micah) because he is grumpy from having a sick day yesterday...Forget running a marathon that is child's play, this motherhood deal is the hardest thing I have ever done.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Magic Spit

Last week I get a call from Issac's sweet teacher telling me that Isaac has been sent to the principal for spitting in a boys eye. We of course were mortified and I immediately called Lyndon so that we could get on a unified discipline front. When he got home (after cleaning up buckets of rocks, scrubbing doors and writing apologies) I asked him why he did such a thing. Here is our conversation.
Mom: Were you mad at this little boy?
Isaac: No, he is my best friend.
Mom: Why in the world did you spit in his eye?
Issac: Well, I thought if I spit in his eye, I would be able to see better, kind of like magic you know.
Mom: Can't you see?
Isaac: Well, it's like (waving his hands around) and furry you know.
So though he had had his eyes tested just that week in school we decided to take him back to the eye doctor because of the "fur". While having his eyes tested they told us he was sick of the eye test and wouldn't let them cover his left eye, but he did perfect with his right so they "let him off the hook." After further testing they tell us that he has had lazy eye for years and has rendered him nearly blind in his left eye. That's why he can't read. That's why when his teachers tell him he can and he throws his pencil and says "I can't" he is right and they are wrong. His pre-school teachers told me a boy that bright was just being stubborn and that I just needed to push him harder (pretty glad I took that piece of advice and chucked it). He sees a pediatric eye surgeon tomorrow. Send a prayer for him will you?