Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!!!!

I am a mess...I know you know that, but I feel I need to make a list of apologies today...
I'm sorry
-to the primary president who got a call from my kids while I was in the shower who hit redial
-to Grayson's pre-school for having to wait for class pictures for him while they called me to remind me that he was supposed to be at class pictures
-to my homeschool friends who needed my help yesterday and I couldn't help because Micah had the flu
-to the eye surgeon who was coming in early just for us and we had to cancel because Isaac had spent the night in the hotel throwing up with the flu
-to my friend who had surgery and got burnt cookies because I set the timer wrong
-to Micah for dragging him all over yesterday while he was throwing up because his brothers had places to be, and to his dad who comes home to a car and car seats that need to be steam cleaned because I haven't had time
-to my best friend who I was mid conversation with yesterday and my phone died on her because I forgot to plug it in
-to my son Grayson because I was grumpy at him even though I was the one who forgot his stupid pictures
-to my husband who apologized for calling during school time and I said, "I forgive you if it's important." He's my husband for pete's sake that's important enough
There are so many more apologies I need to make, but I am letting my son cry it out in the crib (sorry Micah) because he is grumpy from having a sick day yesterday...Forget running a marathon that is child's play, this motherhood deal is the hardest thing I have ever done.


Tevita and Jodi said...

Sorry that life is tough! I tried calling you yesterday just to talk but now I see why we didn't get to do that! I say "lets do lunch without any kids!!!" Love ya and you know where I'm at!

Mike and Alleen said...

I feel like I could spend my life appologizing! Yes motherhood is tough and It's a good thing it's rewarding, it just doesn't feel like it most days :)

The Peterson Press said...

I think you are funny:) You Need to think of it as man I can get alot of things accomplished even will a full plate. So you are awesome. I mean AWESOME!! Miss YA EM