Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Archimedes was sitting in a bathtub thinking when he yelled "Eureka" and went running down the street buck naked. I was standing in my kitchen (fully dressed by the way) when the "Eureka!" moment got me. Yesterday I blabbed my sisters ear off telling her that if she loved me she would tell me the secret to getting it all done, she laughed and said, "you don't". That wasn't working for me. I always figured if you worked harder, faster and more effectively then you could accomplish all of it. So in a rare moment of solitude driving to Koosharem to see the world's cutest baby and his mama I mulled that over. Finally I just told the Lord that I just don't think I can get it all done anymore. The feeling that came to me was "then don't." So I woke up this morning fully aware that I wouldn't get it all done and I decided to be OK about that. In typical refiner fire's fashion I was tested to see if I really meant it. First off the schedule was thrown off by the little boys being home from school until the afternoon...We said fine, ate cold cereal read for an hour and made snowmen out of paper and then for real. Then, Jamen didn't want to write in his daily journal and so we said fine and let him write what turned out to be a wicked awesome story about a scary snowman that to tell you the truth scared all of us. Then, I could feel myself getting a little edgy and ready to loose it and asked Kyle to hold down the fort so I could go down and run on my treadmill...I said "the mess will hold up until you get your run in" and wouldn't you know it, it did! Then the biggie came into play. Lyndon stopped by home to start our first fire in our fireplace. Along with that came our fancy dancy smoke alarms (when one goes off they all do), ringing for 2 1/2 hours. Instead of losing it I screamed a story to Jamen (which he loved) screamed "I love you to Lyndon" instead of "this is so annoying, can't you do anything" and laughed until my belly hurt. After I began to worry about permanent hearing loss in my kids and myself we got in the car and while listening to a hillarious story drove around in a snow storm the likes of which my kids haven't seen for awhile. What is my point? My point is that things did not go well today really. At least not according to my old definition of well. The house is in shambles, we don't have every ounce of school work done, the baby was in his jammies until 2 (and snowboots and a hat), we might have permanent hearing loss, Isaac ripped a hole in his costume so big that he would have been indecent if I didn't have jammies underneath and my run stunk to tell you the truth. But I decided this morning that I already knew this day would be a "disaster" according to my usual standards and I am beginning to think that my vision of a perfect day was totally lame...So here's my "EUREKA" moment: The question to "how do I get it all done?" is "You don't". Nobody point out to me that my wise sister and my loving Heavenly Father told me that yesterday, it takes time to teach an old dog new tricks!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Village Idiot

I am in that awkward "first date" stage of living in Monroe. I am trying to make new friends and establish myself as a reliable one here. This is a tough stage to be in. Forget all of the embarassing things my kids do and say (that's a whole 12 posts all by itself), I am a bumbling idiot! So this is written in an effort to shed all my awkwardness on you and I have hopes that it will somehow "fix" me. I kick myself for going to book groups and talking too much and saying the most insensitive things. We have been having new friends over whenever we have a chance and after they leave I remember the fly strips are still dangling from the ceiling and the dumb things I said linger in my mind like a song that won't leave. I also have a tendency to handle things with sarcasm and silliness. This worked wonders as a teen because that's how my friends dealt with things. But, I am seeing that grown ups just don't seem to approach things in this way. Then there is visiting teaching. I believe this to be one of the most important things we have been asked to do. Some of my dearest friends have come from the Lord matching me up with them and I really think of it as one of his many tender mercies. But, starting from scratch is so hard! Do I take cookies or lotion? Do you want us here or are we a burden to you, how do we not be a burden but a help? Anywho, the list is long of things my mind runs over and over. I feel I should just send out a public notice "WARNING: I will offend you, but please note that I don't mean to. I want so much to be your friend and will continually say dumb things that I don't mean to say. However, if you stick it out in just a few short years (Erin how long you been hanging in there, like 15?) you will know I didn't mean it that way!" Wish me luck on this, until further notice I remain the village idiot.