Friday, March 28, 2008

You Are You...

Dr. Seuss once said, "you are you that is truer than true there is no one alive that is youer than you!" (Or something like that). I have just been marveling at the uniqueness that is Kyle. He is 9 years old and absolutely floors me with his "himness". He has narrowed down what he wants to be when he grows up. These are the most recent thoughts.
1. Composer (though he is that already and plans to continue)
2. College professor
3. President of the United States
I will admit in one moment I want to shout to the world that we have arrived in regards to him. He is smart, talented and sensitive. He has an amazing testimony and blows us away with his understanding of the gospel. He is always helpful with the baby and writes amazing notes that lets you know he appreciates you. He sets huge lofty goals and is always working to reach them. He can't even see why anyone would spend vacation money on Disneyland when obviously Austria (Mozart's alma matter) is open for visitors.
Then the next moment hits and I am ready to send him to boot camp! He has a temper that would rival any crazy musician and is as moody as any daughter going through puberty. He will fight with me for an hour to get out of a 3 minute job and then do it yelling the entire time. He is so hard on himself that once (and I mean once) he missed one on a math test and just knew that was the end of his intelligence and studied like a crazy person for the next few weeks. He was angry with me because he NEEDED to understand the theory of relativity and "I was supposed to know these things to teach my children." If I only let him get 12 books at the library he stomps off mumbling about now he will have nothing to read....
With all of this said. When the calm and the remorse come, as they always do, and he works so hard to make amends, I have flashbacks of sitting in my room writing notes to my mom. Writing notes to apologize for the major fit I just had to throw about everything. Sitting in my room wishing that I didn't get so mad and hating myself for losing it. He is me (except he is brilliant and talented and adorable) and I am honored to be his mother.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Real Crack Up

I have to say, naughty or nice (and let's face it he is very fond of naughty) this kid cracks me up! This is Isaac, my four year old with a personality all of his own. In this photo he is holding his finger up explaining some great mystery of the universe (like I'm not big as mom but I am a giant boy next to that ant). This little guy has sure struggled to like church and has given his sweet teachers a run for their money. His sunbeam teachers from last year looked as if they wanted to retire when they finished a class with him. Amateurs you say? They have successfully raised 12 children and are still full of vim and vigor! This week he had a substitute, who he fell in love with! When I found him after church he was holding on to her hand and kissing her arm. He had invited her to Easter dinner and wanted to go home with her. She pulls me aside and says, "he's an angel." Huh? The she says at one point in the lesson she made him mad and he told her he was going to kill her (proud parent moment), but then she says, laughing so hard she can barely talk, he told her not to worry because she would be resurrected. A couple of weeks ago he turned his ceiling fan on high, got up on his bunk bed and tried to stop it from going-with his head....Stitches to the skull and the fan had flipped blood all over the room. One day he did something naughty (funny, but I can't remember what just now) I called for him and he didn't answer. I called again and asked where he was. Then I hear a soft little echo. "I'm right here." I tell him to come out. He says, "I can't I am a little frightened." OK so that's Issac. I just asked him what he wanted to say to the people he says, "Jesus can see us. He is our friend and neighbor. That's all mama." I love you little one!

Friday, March 21, 2008

One Of A Kind

I just have to take a minute and talk about this one of a kind almost seven year old son of mine. Lyndon has been trying to rally the troops to help clean up the backyard and there has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth (thanks Shannon for the perfect way to describe what is happening here). Jamen wasn't home when it all started, so when he walked through the door and asked what dad was doing I told him he was cleaning up outside. In typical Jamen fashion he yells (he yells everything), "OOOH can I help?" Ummmmm....let me think about it-yeah! What a treat it is to be his mom. This is my boy who high fives the bishopric after yelling his testimony into the microphone, gives knuckles to everyone he sees and wants to go to Disnelyand because, "I bet there are a lot of people there and I want to talk to all of em'." Last year I told him he could invite 6 friends to his 6th birthday at the swimming pool-23 guests made it (apparently the 80 year old guy from the produce aisle couldn't make it). He yells from everywhere in the house "MOM!!!" Sounding so urgent. "What?" I shout back. "I love you!!!!" he yells with gusto. What would I do without you my little Jamenator?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Small and Simple Things

Last night I spoke at our ward's Relief Society Birthday Party. I was asked to speak on the book Small and Simple things by Marjorie Hinckley. I think it went pretty well, but how can you go wrong with thoughts by this woman. She is the kind of person I would love to have over just to chat with. One of the things that she said was, "I couldn't possibly have understood this when I was young like I do now. When we look back on decades of life we see that the seemingly insignificant things we do over and over actually weave the pattern of our lives. And if those small and simple things are good, we will end up having lived a fulfilling life-and that is a great thing!" As a person completely incompetent at doing great things I love that thought. Here's to a life filled with small and simple things that add up to something my Heavenly Father can be proud of!

Running Rules

I need to write this down today because way to often I forget. I LOVE TO RUN!! I love the way I feel when I am so tired I can't move another muscle and so I do it anyway. I love the runners high-though let's face it it doesn't happen all of the time. I love how often I head out for a run ready to punch whatever I can see and come home feeling calm and happy. It sure has been hard to get back to loving this post baby number 5, but today I headed out for a five mile run and could feel the love coming back....maybe 5 is my magic number!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Great Experiences

I read the most wonderful talk yesterday that really has me thinking...The Talk is called "Great Experiences" and it was given by Sterling W. Sill. I do recommend it as he is the real deal and I am really just a frazzled mom stating my two cents on the matter! He says, "Certainly the most successful lives are those that have the most worthwhile experiences. The religion of Christ itself is not so much a set of ideas as it is a set of activities. The purpose of the church is to help us translate the principles of the gospel of Christ into constructive, meaningful human experience. And everyone should work toward this end by a daily practice of thinking some uplifting thoughts, listening to some fine music, reading some stimulating literature, doing some good deeds, and having some great experiences every day." I like that!
I think to often I am full force on the "to do" list and I really like the thought of making my life a life full of great experiences. I also like his list of things he considers great. Sometimes I think great means things like: moving to Haiti, going on a cruise, having my home look like a page from a pottery barn cataloge, having children that are clean and look like little models from LL Bean, serving a mission (like tomorrow) and the list goes on and on.
I think it's time to re-evaluate what GREAT is. He says, "One of my great delights in being born was to find that I had been born an American..." When was the last time I let that thought get to me. Great may be a hug from a child, a little piece of chocolate, a free hour to read a book or an evening holding my husband's hand.
One last thought from this great article, "Life begins every morning. Life begins when we begin. And our real lives begin when we determine to live by every word of the Lord." May I be so determined and then my life will be filled with truly great experiences.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

My Dillema-Balance!

I have been thinking a lot the last few days about balance. I believe that our lives should have it. I believe in moderation in all things...I also believe the following things should be a part of my life (just to name a few): I believe my home should have order, our clothes should be cleaned, nutritious meals and snacks are a must, scripture study, temple attendance, visiting teaching, reading (to children, with children, by yourself to learn, for fun, etc.), exercise (this includes yoga, aerobics, kick boxing, strength training and mostly running-and more running), family relationships should be built (including one one one dates with children, dates with husband and great family time), we should be learning all of the time (including music, art, literature, math, gospel study, science, history and to many more for space to allow), I think I should have a garden and can what I eat, I believe I should be prepared and my food storage should be up to snuff, I love to scrapbook and think it is a good way to preserve the history of my family, I think we should have time to rest and relax, I think bread should be homemade, my yard should be neat, I should vacumn and wash my car, I think we should play games, work, laugh and love as a family, I think I should contribute to saving the world (especially serving in Haiti), I should take treats to neighbors, and babysit for those who need it, I also think I shouldn't be to involved in my list that I am not available for my kids and dear husband, I should keep a journal, and spend time hugging each of my family members, I should go to lunch with my mom and sister, be a good friend to my friends, talk politics with my dad and travel with my family, It is crucial that I bathe my kids (the baby about three times a day).....Oh I am really just getting started, but here are a few things that are on my mind. Looking at this list I think maybe I should just take a nap! Now for the upbeat hopeful part of this entry. The boys and I have been memorizing the following thought for our morning devotional (that's another thing I think is important)-I can't do everything, everywhere for everyone-but I can do something, somewhere for someone....right now I need to go help put Jamen in time out and make lunch for the kids....yep, I believe in balance-maybe I should give up sleep...

Monday, March 3, 2008

Living my life so that it matters

Well I am a blubbering mess. For those of you who know me you know that I don't cry-or at the very least it is rare. Today I have found myself with tears pouring down my face several times. The first was when I read my friend Shannon's blog. Shannon is my friend who runs Haitian Roots (which you all know is where a part of my heart belongs). Anyway she tells of two little ones that they sponsor to go to school in Haiti who's family has experienced great tragedy. This family has 7 children, the dad isn't working and due to a flood they have lost their home and are living in a ravine. My heart was full to overflowing wanting to do something, anything to help these children.
Then my sister, who obviously wanted to see if she could get me crying sent me an e-mail called 99 balloons. There really are no words to describe how the loss of this little boy touched me. These parents understood about living a life that matters and in their words-"we are only as far away from you as it takes for us to meet you on the other side." I have a sick little baby. He is fevery and very miserable. In a rare quiet moment I held him in my arms while he slept and read the tribute to President Hinckley in the Ensign. Now there is a man who knew what it meant to live a life that matters. In his words, "I have been quoted as saying, 'do the best you can, but I want to emphasize that it be the very best. We are to prone to be satisfied with mediocre performance. We are capable of doing so much better. We must get on our knees and plead with the Lord for help and direction. We must then stand on our feet and move forward."
In this moment of my day I feel committed to living my life so that it matters. I want so much to have the Lord behind me, to stand and to move my feet forward. Shannon quoted Jeddediah Grant who said, "I feel as if I could say to the mountains and to all HELL, get out of my way or I will kick you out! I am not going to surrender!" I hope I have the strength to live my life in exactly that way!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Great Big Depost

I am a big fan of "The Seven Habits for Highly Effective Families." One of the things that they stress is the importance of making deposits in the emotional bank account. I love this thought and have been trying to make little deposits in my three year olds for the last few weeks (since he is a 3 year old he gets a lot of withdrawls in the form of time outs!) Anyway, this weekend I got to make a big deposit in my Kyle's account (not to mention have a great time myself!) We have been marinating in the study of dinosaurs over the last few weeks-he LOVES dinosaurs! So we went to Thanksgiving Point and had a dinosaur adventure. It was so much fun to be with my so grown up son. He wanted to read and study every single thing. He says, "it's kind of nice brothers aren't here. They just wouldn't know how to appreciate all of this great stuff!"

I also got to enjoy a fantastic weekend with my roomates from college. These are my people! Months can go by and when we get together and it's as if no time has passed. Though as we giggle about stretch marks, how preparation H works on bags under eyes, and the latest baby adventure I know that the ramen noodles, cute boys and late night studies are in the past. I marveled that these 3 women and I now have 17 children between us (once Erin's little one makes his or her debut). Times have changed but the love I feel for them has just grown. It was a big deposit in my emotional bank account!

The whole weekend even made it worth it to get stuck in a blizzard under an overpass who knows where for an hour, having to spend the night in a crummy motel because I couldn't get home and walking through the door to rush hubby to the ER with a temp of 105....Still it was all worth it!