Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Real Crack Up

I have to say, naughty or nice (and let's face it he is very fond of naughty) this kid cracks me up! This is Isaac, my four year old with a personality all of his own. In this photo he is holding his finger up explaining some great mystery of the universe (like I'm not big as mom but I am a giant boy next to that ant). This little guy has sure struggled to like church and has given his sweet teachers a run for their money. His sunbeam teachers from last year looked as if they wanted to retire when they finished a class with him. Amateurs you say? They have successfully raised 12 children and are still full of vim and vigor! This week he had a substitute, who he fell in love with! When I found him after church he was holding on to her hand and kissing her arm. He had invited her to Easter dinner and wanted to go home with her. She pulls me aside and says, "he's an angel." Huh? The she says at one point in the lesson she made him mad and he told her he was going to kill her (proud parent moment), but then she says, laughing so hard she can barely talk, he told her not to worry because she would be resurrected. A couple of weeks ago he turned his ceiling fan on high, got up on his bunk bed and tried to stop it from going-with his head....Stitches to the skull and the fan had flipped blood all over the room. One day he did something naughty (funny, but I can't remember what just now) I called for him and he didn't answer. I called again and asked where he was. Then I hear a soft little echo. "I'm right here." I tell him to come out. He says, "I can't I am a little frightened." OK so that's Issac. I just asked him what he wanted to say to the people he says, "Jesus can see us. He is our friend and neighbor. That's all mama." I love you little one!


Perla said...

That is so awesome! Isaac is way cool! I am enjoying getting to know your boys through this blog. How many times have you taken a boy to the ER? You are so brave. I get worried just because Andre wants to ride his bike fast and ride a skateboard down a hill and I'm not used to that! My girls are quite cautious. Anywho...thanks for the laugh. And I'm afraid you'll have to wait for granddaughters before you can plan a nice Easter Tea just as my mother-in-law did! :)

Lisa said...

Oh Heather, I was laughing so hard reading about Isaac! Thank you for brightening the day!