Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Great Big Depost

I am a big fan of "The Seven Habits for Highly Effective Families." One of the things that they stress is the importance of making deposits in the emotional bank account. I love this thought and have been trying to make little deposits in my three year olds for the last few weeks (since he is a 3 year old he gets a lot of withdrawls in the form of time outs!) Anyway, this weekend I got to make a big deposit in my Kyle's account (not to mention have a great time myself!) We have been marinating in the study of dinosaurs over the last few weeks-he LOVES dinosaurs! So we went to Thanksgiving Point and had a dinosaur adventure. It was so much fun to be with my so grown up son. He wanted to read and study every single thing. He says, "it's kind of nice brothers aren't here. They just wouldn't know how to appreciate all of this great stuff!"

I also got to enjoy a fantastic weekend with my roomates from college. These are my people! Months can go by and when we get together and it's as if no time has passed. Though as we giggle about stretch marks, how preparation H works on bags under eyes, and the latest baby adventure I know that the ramen noodles, cute boys and late night studies are in the past. I marveled that these 3 women and I now have 17 children between us (once Erin's little one makes his or her debut). Times have changed but the love I feel for them has just grown. It was a big deposit in my emotional bank account!

The whole weekend even made it worth it to get stuck in a blizzard under an overpass who knows where for an hour, having to spend the night in a crummy motel because I couldn't get home and walking through the door to rush hubby to the ER with a temp of 105....Still it was all worth it!


Perla said...

That sounds so fun! Except for the part about Lyndon. Is he okay? Kyle is going to have so much fun homeschooling. I'm really excited for him (and you).
We really need to get together. I need to hear about Prep H for under my eyes!

Lisa said...

Poor Lyndon! I hope he's okay and feeling better.
And that blizzard sounds miserable - although having some quiet time in a hotel room sounds rather pleasant...
Aren't roommate reunions the greatest? I still get together with my roommates from my freshman year at Snow (Castilleja Hall) and also friends from Utah State. It's the greatest. You're exactly right - when you're together, it feels like no time has passed!
By the way, your friend Shannon's blog sounds so interesting - would you or she mind if I had the address?