Thursday, August 6, 2009

Feel Like Giving A Future To A Child?

It's the middle of the night and I can't sleep. I am thinking about my Haitian Roots kids and I was hoping you wouldn't mind reading a post about something so dear to my heart that sometimes I can't even talk about it. Sometimes you put things out there that mean everything to you and people don't "get it" and that hurts. But, you are my friends so we're OK. You know that Haitian Roots is a non-profit group of amazing people who want to help Haitian kids get an education. Right now this group, who I am honored to be even slightly attached to is scrambling to get the last of the money we need for the first tuition payment. I am the kind of person who hates to borrow an egg, so asking you all to care about my cause is a big stretch for me. Anywho...I could post lots of gorgeous faces for you to look at, but it being the middle of the night I won't call Shannon and make her send those photos to me for you to look at. But here it is. We have lots of kids who don't have sponsors yet who are desperately waiting to go to school. If you feel so inspired there are several ways you can help out (1) Sign on to sponsor a child. The cost is $250 per year and that covers all their costs to attend school for the year. (2) Sign on to sponsor and have $22 a month taken out automatically from your acount. (3) Make a one time donation because you feel like it or you recently won the lottery (you know whichever). (4) Say a prayer for these kids and their families. Thanks for listening folks. I know we all have our "causes" and so many of you I know are doing your own brand of good in the world, but maybe some of you feel inspired to jump into my crusade and fight with me...I would be happy to have you join me. Much Love, Heather
*To Sponsor a child click on "sponsor a child" on the upper right corner of my blog
PS The photo is of Kyle with Angeline, the girl he works hard for all year to sponsor