Monday, June 21, 2010

The Pot of Gold

If mushy makes you nervous step away from the blog post. Today I have been married for 14 years. In July I will have been in love with this guy for 19 years. Let us step back in history a bit shall we....We met when he was driving the motorcycle with his best friend on it and the said friend started chasing my friend who was driving the car that I was in. Because we thought they were someone else we stopped and met them both. I guess they got in with us, but I was in the front seat and had a boyfriend at the time so I don't really remember even talking to him. Our friends started dating, then they stopped dating and his other friend started dating the same friend and somewhere in there we became friends (and I broke up with my boyfriend, which is really key now isn't it?) I really managed to capture his heart with three things. 1. He was wearing a Motley Crue necklace type thing (this is the 90's people) and I said, "I love Dr. Feelgood". 2. A pair of purple shorts that I think were probably a little too short. 3. I tore a string off of a baja I was wearing and tied it around his arm and told him to never take it off (I was kidding, but weeks later there it was). This led up to the first call and the official date. I won't blabber forever, but I will say pretty much by the end of the night I knew we would be together for awhile, I don't think I knew about forever, but awhile. After a blissful year together he went off on a mission and I waited at home for him semi-faithfully until he came home. When he stepped off the plane, to nervous to really know what to say all he could think of was, "hey blondie" (I had been flagging all summer and my hair bleached out a bit) I knew then that I would love him forever no matter what. We have moved 12 times together, filled our house with almost 6 gorgeous sons, laughed, cried, fought like lunatics and loved each other every day since June 21, 1994. I know there are other men out there, but there is no other Lyndon and I thank God every day that he sent me the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I love you baby. Happy Anniversary.