Wednesday, April 14, 2010

And He is a Good Kisser...

Little confession here. I often wish that Pottery Barn would grant me a $100,000 make over for my home...I know my designer friend is probably cringing because of my lack of originality, but I just love their look. Clean, organized, modern but not to modern. Anyway I don't actually own one thing from Pottery Barn (you would have to sell a kid to buy a soap dish), but I love the look all the same. I often take a picture and run it past my builder husband to have him copy it for me. He is awesome. He even trudged through building me bunk beds that in my opinion are even more beautiful than PB's. Yes the cost went up a little when we had to take him to the ER because gloved in winter and a drill press are a bad combo....but still fabulous. The one thing I have really wanted is, of course, in relation to books. I find it in every catalogue and dream of my kids books sitting in there. Now the dream has officially become reality and I wanted you to seen the finished product. Isn't he fabulous, and a good kisser too!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Name Our Son

OK...Granted we have already come up with a lot of names for boys, but you think we could settle on one more. I decided I would send it out there and maybe one of you can help...In case you don't know our names go in alphabetical order "GHIJKLM" so the name needs to be an "n" name. In answer to the two questions that we get often, no we are not having enough kids to fill all of the slots, this is it people. Second, we didn't get all cute and decide on this ourselves. When we were pregnant with out third our incredibly strange oldest son said "if his name started with an i we would be HIJKL" we pointed out as cute as that was we couldn't think of an i name. He responded (he was 4) "Abraham had a some named Isaac" so that is how this little cutesy tradiditon got started. Here are the names we are considering, but really aren't thrilled with any of them (though Nash has been the favored choice)
1. Nicholas
2. Noah
3. Nash
His middle name will be Rex and we would really like to find a 2 syllable name since we are all 2. It seems like we got tired and lazy at the end to name him "Nash" kind of like we were just to exhausted to finish it up....Names that are a no:
1. Nathan
2. Niles
3. Neal
I would love any ideas that you all may have. Ask around, make it your project would you? Give this poor son of mine a name!