Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Name Our Son

OK...Granted we have already come up with a lot of names for boys, but you think we could settle on one more. I decided I would send it out there and maybe one of you can help...In case you don't know our names go in alphabetical order "GHIJKLM" so the name needs to be an "n" name. In answer to the two questions that we get often, no we are not having enough kids to fill all of the slots, this is it people. Second, we didn't get all cute and decide on this ourselves. When we were pregnant with out third our incredibly strange oldest son said "if his name started with an i we would be HIJKL" we pointed out as cute as that was we couldn't think of an i name. He responded (he was 4) "Abraham had a some named Isaac" so that is how this little cutesy tradiditon got started. Here are the names we are considering, but really aren't thrilled with any of them (though Nash has been the favored choice)
1. Nicholas
2. Noah
3. Nash
His middle name will be Rex and we would really like to find a 2 syllable name since we are all 2. It seems like we got tired and lazy at the end to name him "Nash" kind of like we were just to exhausted to finish it up....Names that are a no:
1. Nathan
2. Niles
3. Neal
I would love any ideas that you all may have. Ask around, make it your project would you? Give this poor son of mine a name!


Amy B. said...

two syllables...ugh!

I like Nash...

Jess said...

when you announced your boy, I thought for sure you'd name him Noah. I remember you telling me about the alphabet thing. I love Noah (it's on my list for my baby boy) but it's getting really popular. It was #6 last year. Do you like Nolan? I'll check our baby name book and see if there is anything else. Good luck! When are you due?

Piper said...

I Love Nash, and I already told you what Scott said, "That sounds like a tough guy name." But I also like Noah. But I think this game is fun, so I'll see what I can find.

Ninja Scott said...

NASH for the WIN!

EE said...

Newt, Nolan, Nigel, Nicholai, Nero, Nelson, Noble, Neville or what about names that start with F? Seems like Ty had a suggestion, but now I can't remember what it was and he's gone. I like Nash a lot, but kind of with ya on the two syllables thing just because it goes with Rex.

Perla said...

i really like nash, too. he could be nashua. where is nashua? isn't that a city from the scriptures? or is it shakespeare? my brain has gone to mush. or if you don't wanto two syllable, you can just tell him "first the worst, second the same, last the best of all the game?" and that is why he's the only one with one syllable? :) i also thought of nelson. i know several haitian nelsons. my friend has a very cute little boy named nixon. i don't know how kyle would feel about that.

Janette said...

You do know it was Ogden Nash the American poet who wrote, "Candy is dandy, but Liquor is quicker?" I guess it is entirely possible that #6 will drive you from the sweet intoxication of a soda to something a little harder.

Laura said...


It is double the 2 syllables, a mathmatical practiality that results in an elegant equation, and therefore harder to confuse with the other several children already residing in your abode. Plus with a name like Nicodemus, he would definetely be an ALPHA-Male. Trust me on this one.

Gillespie said...

Nash all the way!

Lyndon said...

Nicson, Nicson, Nicson,Nicson, Nicson, Nicson,Nicson, Nicson, Nicson,Nicson, Nicson, Nicson,Nicson, Nicson, Nicson,Nicson, Nicson, Nicson,Nicson, Nicson, Nicson

Anonymous said...

1. Why N why not F?
2. I know a boy who's name is Nash and he is a cool kid! (OK so his last name is really Nash but we all call him Nash any way)
3. Come up with a name close to Nash that has two syllables and call him Nash for short.
4.Be careful of the name because if people decide it's not good enough then they will just call him Friant.

if F then I then I think you should go with ... well I don't know I'll have to get back with you on that one

The Peterson Press said...

I love Nash! Its a strong name. But I also really like Nicson(lyndon's pic) I love how he is spelling it! Its unique! I am sure kyle likes the presidents name anyway right? Good Luck!

Nichole said...

You know I love the name you picked out for him already. It is my favorite. Unless of course you want to name him after his favorite aunt nichole and call him nick or nicholas. I would then vote for either of them..

Trisha said...

If I am not too late, I vote Nicholas.