Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Days

Ahhh...the days of summer. Heat, water, popsicles and kids that need naps but won't take them...I have to admit I have always been a summer hater. I love schedules and cooler weather, but this one I am starting to see the magic of summer that everyone talks about. Living in paradise helps immensely. Favorite summer things so far:
1. Micah yelling "chicken egg" all day long. We got chickens (so fun and this kid is in love)
2. Eating fresh peas from my garden
3. Sitting on the porch watching the sun over the most beautiful view there ever was
4. Learning to play tennis with hubby
5. Being with my sister and her family last weekend to see them sealed together for eternity
6. Running in the heat and being certain that I burned a few hundred thousand more calories
due to the amount of sweat
7. Watching Lyndon and Kyle perform in Field Of Stars (they were awesome!)
Things I could have done without:
1. My poor husband totaling our van
2. 7 rounds of a horrible flu in the house (or in Washington DC)
3. Popsicle goo tracked through the house, followed by muddy feet
4. Ants in the house and snakes when I run (Ewwww)
All in all I think summer is a success. We have bought enough popsicles in the last few months to fund the running of a small country. I spend half my day applying sunscreen to my red heads and being grateful I have one kid that doesn't burn thanks to adoption! I have been reading instead of making the kids do school work and I never want to stop. Summer reads I have enjoyed immensely
1. The Narnia series-read it alone or to your family, the whole thing. It rocks!
2. A Beginner's Guide To Constructing the Universe (wow, talk about seeing math in a spiritual way!)
Happy summer to all of you!


Tevita and Jodi said...

Wow. I would have thought I would have known about a van being totalled. Hope he is ok. I'm glad you are enjoying your summer. I think paradise does help with that:)Thanks for the call today. It was good to talk to you and I'm sorry that my phone died.

Piper said...

I'm glad that you are starting to find joys in summertime. Thanks for the reading suggestions, and I love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Now I know why you haven't posted in awhile: too much good summer livin'. Warning: I'm going to come see you and your piece of paradise next week.

LC said...

Hey, let's play tennis doubles. We'll get a great sweaty workout in this heat!

The Adams Family said...

Lyndond looks really good in his outfit. He should wear that everyday.