Thursday, May 22, 2008


My friend Shannon picked me to tell five things about my son Grayson. She was picked to tell five things about her Andre. As I was reading her awesome post about her son, that I got to know better while reading, I hoped that she would pick Grayson because I wanted to do that also. I think she also picked me because I recently had a total fit to her about how I was struggling with Grayson and his three year oldness.....So meet my son Grayson and just see if it doesn't make you wish that you had a beautiful Haitian baby living at your house!
1. He LOVES food. There is joy in eating for him (not so much the sad, break your heart kind of love that he had when he came home because he was starving), but joy. He moans while eating and licks his lips even if it's salad. His first words each morning are "I hungy" and he repeats them about a 1000 time a day!
2. He adores his brother Jamen and does and says EVERYTHING Jamen tells him to. Fortunately Jamen is an awesome example to him and always treats him with respect. In fact he is Grayson's little defender if someone else (Isaac) is picking on him. If he wakes up after Jamen leaves he always asks after the food thing, "Where's Mamen?" I love to see these two together they are the best of pals.
3. He loves Dora the Explorer. We actually only have one video of that but he watches it all of the time. He loves to answer when Dora asks questions and screams the answers at the TV with all of his heart. It is so cute! Then he laughs at himself because he often cracks himself right up.
4. He loves people to think he is funny. Tonight he was telling jokes that went like this
Grayson: Knock Knock
Piper: Who's there?
Grayson: Monkey
Piper: Monkey who?
Grayson: Monkey wants a banana!
He then waits for us to give a little laugh and then laughs hysterically!
5. He loves all that is little boy. He loves trampolines, sandboxes, parks, bikes and water. He does however hate dogs, especially ours.
6. Sorry I have one more. I have been really upset at the way I have handled this little guy of mine the last little while. In the last two days I have tried to really see him as the son of God that he is and I am sad to say I really didn't have to look all that hard to see how special and amazing he is. So, to my son, you are my miracle from Heaven. I loved you even before the first day I met you in your three sizes to big hiking boots on the wrong feet, your tiny little sick body smaller than the boots. I loved you the two weeks I spent with you in a hotel room, you asleep in my suitcase next to me, the heart wrenching goodbye that came to soon. I loved you during the surgeries and the medical help you needed me for. I loved you when you learned to walk at 22 months old and we were so proud of our little trooper. I loved you when you started to figure out speech and started with mom. I have loved you since before the world was when I hugged you and you hugged me and we promised each other we would find one another. I loved you then and I love you now. Please forgive me son for my impatience as a mother. I am trying and with your sweet spirit I think I can become the kind of mom you need me to be. So the number 6 thing about my son is he is a miracle and he is all mine!


Perla said...

Yes, I picked Grayson for those reasons: 1. i want to get to know him better and 2. i know that when i am forced to take the time to remember why i like my kids so much it always helps me a lot. Your post made me cry. i think satan works on us much harder with these little ones because i think he is really ticked off that we found each other and that we are together now so he is going to keep doing what he can to divide us in other ways. but he won't win!

Tevita and Jodi said...

I was really hoping for a day of non-crying but nope, that didn't happen. I don't know how anybody could read this and not love Grayson just a little bit more! I love you and your family! Thanks for a great post.

Juliebeans & Co. said...

This was beautiful and well written. It made me cry too, and resolve to be a better mom starting right now. Thanks for always being insiprational to me!

Scott & Jennifer said...

Hey beautiful

It's always so fun to read your thoughts, you're always so full o inspiration.

luv ya

Gib said...

Hello...I headed on over here from Perla's blog (who happened to leave a comment on my cousins blog)--and because I too have a Grayson. I get so excited when I find other Grayson's, so I had to drop in and check him out! He is as beautiful as his name! Congrats on your house selling...that's quite a feat these days! You have a house full of beautiful boys!

Trisha said...

Heather....I found your blog through Alleen's. How fun to catch up on the lives of long lost friends. What a sweet post! I even got a little choked up...and those who know me best will tell you that I am not a cryer so that says a lot.
I am excited to check out future posts. Trisha Jordan