Thursday, May 15, 2008

Random Thoughts of No Signifigance

May I begin by saying this giraffe has nothing to do with anything...I just think there should be a picture and this is cute...I imagine the title of this blog has led most of you not to read it...That's OK I will admit it's certainly not going to change any lives. But, in an effort to keep up I will babble on until someone breaks something or needs a fight solved-should be about 13 seconds from now. My friend Alleen wrote 10 things about herself on her blog and I loved that, especially since we don't really keep up so it was all new to me...I think I will do that too...
10-I love the book movie and music Pride & Prejudice. I basically figured out a sneaky way to get my son to choose Mrs. Darcy for his piano recital just so I could listen to him play it a lot...I wish that we still spoke that way and I have told my husband that someday he will say "you have bewitched me body and soul and I love, I love you..." and I won't laugh...
9-There are 6 screaming kids in my house right now because I wouldn't let them get the art stuff out because they were fighting over it and Jamen is yelling, "you hate me mom, you never let me do fun stuff..."
8-I went to the symphony with Kyle on Tuesday and was blown away by the amazing kid I was with (the 14 year old piano prodigy was also wicked awesome)
7-I teach Sunday school to the 16-18 year olds of my ward. It is my favorite calling I have ever had and I am honored to teach these people
6-I am reading a handful of books at the moment: The Book Of Nurturing, Hearing the Voice of the Lord and Gandhi
5-If I could be somewhere else today I wish I was in Haiti with massive truckloads of food to pass out and money coming out my ears to do some good with
4-I am so busy right now (obviously I am using my time well at the moment) that I told my friend today the nervous breakdown was just around the corner....scouts, track, piano recital, violin recital, kindergarten program, pre-school graduation, t-ball, field trips and a handful of other things have taken over our lives and I don't want to do any of it anymore!
3-Last week our doctors finally figured out that Grayson has asthma-we have just been calling it the Haiti hack for 2 years since no one could ever tell us what was wrong. Completely drugged he is doing so much better!
2-We put our house up for sale about a week ago so that we can build, probably in Monroe. This is not big news, but since we put it up a lot and never go through with it I still haven't told my best friend who I talk to everyday because I feel like an idiot since we have gone back and forth on it for 8 years! In fact I kind of hope she never finds out because I still expect us to change our minds!
1-I honestly can't think of anything to put right here, it seems like since it is number one it should be relatively important, but I've got nothing...the thoughts that ran through my head are-when I fold laundry I sing the theme song from "The Neverending Story" because let's face it there is no end to laundry. I love junk food and am reminding myself that I don't eat that stuff because I want to eat that stuff. I am edgy because I couldn't fit in a run today and fancy myself addicted to running. I feel like I never see my husband and I keep imagining romantic kissy scenes with him and me on a beach somewhere in my head. My niece Addison delights me so much she makes me wish I had a daughter. And the thought most dominant in my head today, "how many more hours until bedtime?"


Perla said...

i, for one, loved reading every word of the random thoughts that go through your head, as well as all of the interesting bits of information about you!!!

Lisa said...

good heck, I just love you! And your random thoughts cheer me up. And can I just say...we've seriously started the process of building a bigger house on two separate occasions now and ended up chickening out. It's big and scary and we're very conservative. So I completely understand - but am freakin' excited for you and want to know every detail if you do go through with it. And if you don't, I won't ever mention it... : )

Tevita and Jodi said...

Love the random thoughts. What is so cool about your blog is that I either end up laughing or crying! You always have this way of touching my heart, thank you! I especially loved the last thought, I am feeling the same exact way right now. Love ya

The Nelson Family said...

I'm glad somebody enjoyed my dumb thoughts. Yours made me feel not so accomplished :) Your book list alone is overwhelming to me. I do feel like I'm getting to know you all over again, it's fun!!Good luck with the house building--that is so exciting! Alleen