Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Big Shot Of Hope

Thanks all of you for joining me for my pity party recently. My phone friends have listened to me whine, my blog pals have read it in print and my dear family has suffered through a mother speaking the ancient language, "Whinese". How grateful I am for the shot of hope delivered to me this weekend by participating in general conference. I have been given a much needed attitude adjustment. I was especially grateful for President Monson's talk this morning. He reminds us that one day I will miss the piles of laundry and toys that I will trip over. Mother's who are out of this stage tell me this all of the time, but I mutter under my breath about these well meaning women, "if you miss it so much I would be happy to drop over a handful of screaming toddlers at any time!" Funny how when it is coming from the prophet of God I take it to heart much better! I quote president Monson, "Never let a problem to be solved take precedence over a person to be loved." This has been my attitude to much as of late, "go away little boy, can't you see I am trying to make your life run smoother." Here's to me keeping the adjustement given to me this weekend. I am also grateful for the follwing things from conference that I want to keep with me:
-Despair is something Satan uses, not God
-Part of our victory as disciples of Christ is how we handle times when we are overwhelmed or discouraged
-Take heart, have faith and the Lord will fight our battles, our children's battles and our children's childrens' battles.
Life will not be any less difficult after this weekend for you or for me. However, with the right attitidue and with the Lord on our side there is nothing we cannot do. We can also be blessed to have joy while living it.


Janette said...

So, I haven't noticed the whining, but then, we haven't crossed paths much even though they seem so close. I, too, loved conference. I felt so much that I was being spoken to directly and personally. We have got to make time for a walk/talk.

Barton Family said...

my favorite talk of the day also...makes you realize that Today is your beginning and that things in the past are just that...the past...let it go and live for today!!

Perla said...

thank you for writing this for me. now i can copy and paste it into my journal. :) yes, i've heard it so many times, but to have the prophet say it and to feel like he understood--yes fingerprints on everything, toys scattered about the house, never-ending piles of laundry, they are hard but you are sure going to miss them in a day or two when they're gone. that made me cry. and i loved loved loved when he said that, "Never let a problem to be solved take precedence over a person to be loved." That is going to be my new motto with my kids.