Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ramblings of a Pregnant Woman

Hello All
I usually wait to post until I feel so inspired, most days I just feel inspired (though denied) to take a nap. But, I felt that though this wasn't going to be a literary masterpiece that I do have a few thoughts I would like to save for my future self. In typical Heather fashion I will number them, though they are not in any type of order.
1. We named our son. Thanks for the help, phew that was a hard one. We ended up heading the other direction and decided to name him Forrest. That was my great grandpa's name and we like it. We are stressing out many people who seem to find this name completely disgraceful, but Forrest it will remain.
2. I have it in mind to start keeping a little notebook of the funny things my kids say, but they may be grown before I get it done, so the couple from lately would be: Isaac wants an apple critter (fritter) and Jamen would like a flazed (glazed doughnut). Cute and can you tell the awful food this pregnant woman has been craving? Isaac would also like to have dinner at a restronaut (restaurant).
3. I really believe the secret to peace is cutting back as much as possible on the crazy in a family's schedule, at least that works for us. The more we are home with no immediate plans the more peace there is in our life. This has also left lots of time for reading and we finished The Trumpet of the Swan and Knights of the Roundtable in the last few weeks. Did I mention that reading to my kids is the highlight of my existance?
4. Simplifying is just the best. I think that a houseful of bored kids makes for some resourceful and interesting people. We are going on a whole month of no TV until evening (and often not then). At first this was challenging, but now it just feels like those little brains are flexing and I love it!
Not much to say, like I said just rambling. Life is good. I am so blessed and I just felt like telling it to the world (or at least the few people that read my blog)


Amy B. said...

I love the name Forrest...

And I love when you blog...

Don't ever wait for inspiration to blog, I love reading what you have to inspire there!


Again, I love the name Forrest!!!

Tevita and Jodi said...

What a great name! I miss reading your blogging. As I was reading this I felt myself sigh and say, "I love this woman's blogging!" I wish you would do it more often! Thank you for coming to the rescue again. You were so sweet and I really appreciate you. We will have to do dinner (since I can't do lunch anymore) sometime soon. Love ya!

Nichole said...

Always a joy to hear from you it had been a little while.

I love Forrest! that did come from no where!!

Lisa said...

I love Forrest!!! Now just come up with a girl name for me please?!!!