Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Mother Of Frankenstein and other Happenings

I remember back in the day when I carefully blogged my every thought racing to the computer to share it with cyber space just certain you were all breathlessly waiting to hear what I was thinking about next...Either one of two things has happened. Either I haven't had a thought in months or life with 6 boys managed to get even crazier...I can honestly say my mind is trying hard to have thoughts and I will just be on the verge of understanding the theory of relativity when I need to change a diaper or this week give my 13 year old a shower...So maybe it is a little of both.
So here is catching up the latest thoughts and happening in random order.
-A week and a half ago Lyndon took the boys ice fishing (home with one kid is like something so wonderful I can't explain it). Grayson called Kyle a sissy and Kyle took off after him, I am certain to participate in some peaceful conflict resolution and fell, hard. He landed full on his elbow and long story short managed to crack it in half in 3 different spots. He had surgery in St. George where 3 long screws were put in to hold my little Frankenstein together. He is healing nicely and is such a trooper it's almost annoying.
-The boys stayed with mom and Aunt Jen and they had the joy of caring for a baby recovering from an ear infection, a four year old Micah that got so sick mom had to take him to the Dr. to get a shot for an ear infection and a 7 year old Grayson who coughed all day and all night without ceasing...ahh... families what would you do without them?
-I have been thinking incessantly about the universe, spurred on by a PBS special with Stephen Hawking, is it to late to become a physicist? Also do you think that it matters that even now I still can't remember my 9s times tables?
-I think I want to be a librarian when I grow up or somehow spend all my days helping people fall in love with books...I am not really sure how to make that happen and at the rate I am going I'm not sure I really will grow up, but a physicist librarian sounds like a good match don't you think?
-I decided I wanted to be a Hemingway fan so I started reading my second book (I mean we have all already read The Old Man and the Sea thanks to high school English) so I began The Sun Also Rises....54 pages in and here's the thing...if you can get over the cussing (which I hate) you basically meet a bunch of lazy people who do nothing of true value for the world and spend their days in the pursuit of entertainment...though it has been against my personal creed I have decided that particular Hemingway book is not going to get finished...Anyone have a love for Hemingway and a suggestion of a book that might convince me you are right?
-Running and Zumba continue to be my out and I am addicted to both. I attended a Zumba dance thing the other night that was one kids celebration of his 24th birthday. The place was packed with half dressed teens that were bouncing off the walls like a kids with ADHD on Kool Aid. When we started they were dancing hard and laughing theirselves silly. The party was supposed to last for three hours. Two hours in and these kids were beat. I had to laugh when they quit early saying "two hours is a long time." I am comforted with the thought that us old folks may not have the enthusiasm of the hare but like the turtle I would have kept going if the dancing hadn't stopped!
-And last but not last night...last night at Zumba I got as close to a girl as possible without invading her private space so I could read the tattoo on her back...it said "I wasn't sent here to blend in." I had to laugh and cheer the sentiment (if not the tattoo). I think what I love most about it is she had to be about 17 and I wanted to give here a hug for getting that already.
And so dear readers, if I have any left, or any of you that made it all the way through this, may I say here's to not blending in and living your own life the way it is supposed to be lived.
PS. As usual this post contains random pictures of my kids because like all mom's I believe them to be the most beautiful art work in creation.


LC said...

The only thing I remember about For Whom the Bell Tolls was the kissing part and yes, it too had cussing--which i think was in Spanish...

I fully support your plan to be a physicist librarian --add zumba dancer. We could surely use one of those in town and heck, you already live in a library.

EE said...

Here Here!! Love to hear your random thoughts even if it has to be through your blog.