Friday, June 1, 2012

Nudge From The Nest

I know I don't really qualify as a blogger anymore, but today I feel I must jot this down because I know from experience that things I think I will never forget are starting to fade.  I was teasing Isaac about baby Forrest, the conversation that followed has me certain that my 8 year old is one of the wisest beings I know.
Mom:  (pointing to Forrest) is this yours?  I told you not to leave your stuff laying around
Isaac:  Mom, he is your baby!
Mom:  Baby, huh?  Well what do you do with a baby?
Isaac:  Well, you feed him, love him and take care of him and when it is time you nudge him out of the nest.
Mom:  How do you know when it's time for this nudging?
Isaac:  When he has a job!

What wisdom my little man!  While I am still a ways from nudging my babies from the nest I know how quickly it is going and I am trying to find joy in the journey every day. 


Piper said...

Love your little Isaac. I'm sure I have a list of his quotes I refer to anytime I need a laugh.

"Do we learn from idiots?"

Also, I just have to say, when I got to the last picture, of little Forrest, I just had to laugh. How cute is he?

LC said...

Very well said! What handsome young fledglings.