Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Delight

This is Micah-He's waving hello! He fits into the category of something that I did that wasn't necessary advisable by the masses or my doctor! If this isn't a perfect example of why you should listen to the Lord instead I don't even know what is!

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Perla said...

Oh man...maybe I need to call you. Doctors say no and so far Jason is scared to death but I think somebody is missing from my family. Not just somebody. Sarah is missing. Yikes. Jas is afraid I will die. My whole family would freak. I love seeing Micah's beautiful face and I'm trying to give Jason time to get an answer for himself because I know he is a righteous man and will ask with an open heart. Then it doesn't matter what others think. Hm...thanks for giving me really good pause on this one.