Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tigger and Me

I have to admit a million things are running through my mind on what I should say with my posterity in mind as I write. So let it be said almost from the very beginning that I am married to the greatest man. This picture is taken around 11pm on new Year's Eve a few years ago. This was going to be the year of the marathon for me and so I decided that I wanted to run the Midnight fun run on New Year's Eve. It was a little 5K set to end around midnight to celebrate a new year. Now lot's of hubbies would say, "good for you and I will watch the kids." Mine found a sitter (thanks mom) suited up and got ready to go with me! We even watched Prefontaine until it was time to go. Now let it be said I had been training for months and this was my first 5k. Lyndon hadn't been training at all but he was still gung ho. So we ran-him cheering me on and singing to me the whole way (of course he wasn't even winded!) When we got to the pool-dead last I might add, someone dared him to jump in! Of course he went right it (shoes and all). Once he was in he lost his glasses, needless to say he is legally blind without him so he was in a bit of trouble. What else could I do but jump in (shoes and all) after him! We squished home at one in the morning still giggling (and freezing). At work his nickname is tigger, this because of his boundless energy. Stealing from Shannon let me tell you the reasons why I love Tigger:
1. He uses phrases like "yippee kiay!"
2. Even when he sweats he smells nice
3. He makes a heck of a horsie for all the little cowboys around here
4. When it's time to buy gifts for me he acts like a kid at Christmas waiting to give it to me
5. He knows his way around a kitchen (and let's face it has to be in there a lot)
6. He kisses like a soap star (you know cute, sweet, makes you swoon!)
7. He loves the Lord and never ceases to show it by serving everyone-I mean everyone!
8. He loves me. If I took his word for it I would be convinced that I should be a super model, the poster mother for all mothers and super woman!
Believe me I could go on and on. But, the people that are half his are not so interested in this blog and more interested in why I think it is important that they not go outside naked....


Lyndon said...

You are dilusional. Love ya. LF

Perla said...

Awesome post. Its cool how our marriages are really great when we remember how great our spouses are, huh? Jason never mentioned my post about him but he did bring me home a dozen roses yesterday for no reason at all. And he's done that maybe twice in our marriage. I really liked the New Year's Eve story. What a great memory!

Lisa said...

I'm cracking up at that picture of you two. I miss you guys!