Thursday, February 28, 2008

You Approve Right?

I have always been someone who thought it absolutely necessary to have everyone's approval. In fact I have taken it a step further and wanted not just approval, but that people would be so inspired by every little thing I did that they wanted to implement everything I do into their lives! I think maybe I would make a great communist! The funny thing is I really do believe in freedom and I really believe that Heavenly Father made us unique and special in our own ways.
So one of this year's goals for me is to be OK with being me and not be biting my finger nails waiting for people to pat me on the back and say, "way to go!" When you spend your life trying to please people you really set yourself up for a lot of misery because you can't please everyone. I also believe that we would be unwise to try to please everyone. I read a quote yesterday that I loved it said, "If you truly expect to realize your dreams, abandon the need for blanket approval. If conforming to everyone's expectations is the number one goal, you have sacrificed your uniqueness and therefore your excellence."
I don't know that I have an ounce of excellence, but I think it is safe to say I am unique! If nothing else as you can see from the top of my page I am surrounded by men and men in training! And since much of the training is my responsibility I think you will understand why I find it so important to learn to do a little less hoop jumping!
There haven't been a lot of times in my life when I have had to say, "I'm sorry you feel that way, but this is right for me." However, the few times that it has happened, when I went ahead and did what the Lord inspired me to do, I have sure been blessed. So this year I will try do what is right for me without waiting for my atta girl's. That sounds like a good idea to you right?

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Perla said...

Haha. Who knew you were so clever? I love it! And 'though you're not asking me, I think you are pretty darned excellent!