Thursday, October 20, 2011

13 Amazing Years

13 years and where has the time gone! You showed up and changed everything, most of the time I have had no idea what I am doing, but boy have I loved figuring it out with you. So here it is, and though you will roll your eyes (careful they might get stuck that way), a tribute to my son a week after his 13th birthday...You were so tiny when you were born and grandma nicknamed you "bird lips" I called you "bugaboo" (for some reason you don't like that anymore). You fit right in dad's big hand pretty comfortably. You cried constantly (even when you were sleeping). You are passionate about EVERYTHING. When you were 6 you were dead set determined to be a composer (much to grandpa Friant's chagrin), but went on to become an amazing pianist and violinist often writing your own music. You have a strong sense of justice and fair play. When you were young this meant that if people got in your way "watch out!" For example a boy in our neighborhood was beating up on your cousin and so you stabbed him with a fork, fortunately as you grew older (about 8) you channeled that anger into government and then and there decided that you would become the president of the united states. You haven't wavered from that and now we have to silence the conversations about politics for our own sakes! You and I can really be two peas in a pod and our idea of a good time is a nice dinner and hours and hours and hours and...well, you get my point in a book store. This year you started high school at Williamsburg Academy and are tearing up the scene at this amazing school. You really surprised us though when you joined the basketball team, who would have thought that my little musician, politician, book worm would also become an athlete. When you were 7 you made a goal to get your Boy Scout eagle at 12, you were disappointed in yourself when you finished the project the weekend of your 13th birthday. You are happy and loud all of the sing at the top of your lungs (that goes for yelling as well), you adore BYU and look forward to being a student there and graduating from law school there. Just this year you got taller than your old mom (which let's face it isn't a big deal), but by taller I mean 4 inches taller. You now have bigger feet than your dad at a size 12, if you catch up with your feet you will be a giant! You know what is right and you live it with all of your heart. You are a gift from heaven and I am honored to be your mom. Happy 13 years my boy, I love you!


Piper said...

I can't believe he's already thirteen! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM THE BIERY'S!

You should send me an email about Williamsburg Academy. I want to know more.

Nichole said...

He is amazing!! Happy late birthday Kyle.