Thursday, October 13, 2011

Running Parable #3

I have to tell you...running is pretty simple. I don't mean that in the "yes I easily ran 10 miles today" kind of simple. I mean in the throw on a pair of shoes and your all set kind of way. With that said. When I first started into running pretty seriously I found that I was having a major problem with my feet. Blisters, and pain were a constant and my socks were so bloody you would assume that I bought red ones instead of white ones. I couldn't figure it out and so I decided to take myself to the big city for a new pair of shoes. But, I decided that this time I would ask the experts. I went to this great running store in Provo where the salesman do their jobs to support their running habit and know exactly why your feet look that way. They even smile like they understand and they are proud of you at the same time. They listened to me, and then headed to the back room and came back with a tower of shoe boxes. Their counsel, "try every pair on all the way and then go running". So there I was running up and down this strip mall for an hour. That was kooky but the kookiest thing was when they suggested that I wear a size 9, ummm I wear a 6 and 1/2. They smiled and said, "trust us and if we are wrong bring them back". They seemed quite certain I would not be back. Anywho, long parable short, they were spot on. I haven't had a blister in 8 years no matter how many miles I have run. I have been through 6 pairs of the shoes they suggested and when the soles are literally falling off I buy a new pair.

The parable part starts now. Life, unlike running, is anything but simple. This world is tricky, scary and confusing. We could just be stuck here unaware of how to handle things, unaware of what to do. For me I feel deeply blessed to have the gospel in my life. The gospel is filled with direction and experts that counsel us in a way that makes the world seem a little more blister free. I am especially grateful that twice a year a prophet of God and many others meet to give us counsel and advice about how to handle everything that is placed before us. Like running, the goal in my life is to endure to the end, finish the race and to have all those I love with me at the finish line. This can be pretty hard to do in this crazy world we live in, but this gift from my Heavenly Father sure fits comfortably around my heart and helps me run this race with less pain.

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Piper said...

Heather Dear,

Elaine S. Dalton just released (at least I think she just released it) a book called: Returning to Virtue. The whole thing is tied to her experiences as a marathon runner, something she decided to do when her oldest left on his mission. Anyway, every time I see it I think of you, and I just wanted to make sure you know it exists, so you can read it. In fact, I just bought my copy. NOT because I'm into running, we both know how I feel about that, but because I like the whole return to virtue part. Anyway, if you want to borrow it let me know.

Also, I'm sorry I didn't get to see you conference weekend. I had every intention, but it just didn't happen. However, I would like to see you in person before too long, okay?