Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Adventure

Today Issac woke up and said he needed an "aventure"....I could relate and so we packed a lunch and headed out for one. We decided to go to my friend Jodi's house in Koosharem. We tried to call her before we made the hour long drive, but just threw caution to the wind and went anyway....she wasn't was so cold we couldn't get out of the car and so we had a picnic in her driveway. I was feeling a little bad for Issac because I was sure that this didn't qualify as an adventure, but then he set me straight. I handed him his sandwich and he started to clap, "you made peanut butter and jelly, I LOVE peanut butter and jelly!" He was thrilled to be having a picnic with mom even if it was in a car in the driveway. He was especially thrilled that I was eating PB & J too....He wanted to share that joy with me instead of me eating salad! Heading home we decided we would go the long way and stop in Sigurd and say hi to my sister and her kids. On the way Issac said he had a plan, he would ring the door bell, I would knock and Grayson would be the guy who sat and waited in the car. We carried out "the plan" but she wasn't there. I guess the adventure turned out to be flop. But the kids were happy and hopefully it said mom was willing to step away from the laundry and at least try for one!

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Tevita and Jodi said...

I'm so sorry I wasn't home. I had to work today so I was gone by 7am. So sorry I missed you. We would have had great fun but I'm glad you got to have some fun with your boys!