Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Happy 7th

April 6th marks the birth of our Savior, the beginning of the faith that means so much to me and the day that sunshine entered my life. Jamen turned seven on Sunday and what an amazing journey it has been. He let us know right from the beginning how things were going to be with him. He was going to scare us to death and bring us unbelievable joy, usually within a few minutes of each other. Pretty typically I was in labor for like a million hours and then it was finally time to deliver. Then his heart rate dropped and they decided it was probably wise to do a c-section, no rush just advisable, 5 minutes later it's a scene of ER when his heart rate drops to 20 and I am being sped down the hallway and everyone is yelling a lot. He was born blue and not breathing. The nurse (who is in our ward) knew he was going to be OK when after they had been working to bring him back for a bit he looked into her eyes and smiled....and that is my Jamen. Been like that ever since. Jamen is like a roller coaster ride and a care bear. Lots of fun in a "Jamen please get off of the roof" kind of way. Sweet and cuddly like a teddy bear. He labored to make me a note last week that says, 'mom you are the best mom in the best mom in the world." This makes conversations with him like, "mom I don't even see why I have to wear underwear. With my pants on you can't even see my little willy!" easier to deal with! In order to talk him out of a party this year (I just want to invite 60 people that's all!) We took him to Chuck E. Cheese with his brothers and cousins. He had a great time. When we gave him his little gift he yells, thanks mom and goes into a flying leap to reach me over the table to hug me. To my Jamen I couldn't imagine a life without you, I love you!!


Lisa said...

I didn't realize that Jamen was born on my birthday!! April 6th is definitely a GREAT day for a birthday!

Perla said...

where do awesome boys come from? haiti and the friant home!