Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Goodnight Boys (And I Mean It!)

I love my kids. I feel that must be said before the following words are spoken! It is bedtime at our house and while I have visions of sweet little boys all kissing me night night and then rolling over and going to sleep that still hasn't happened....Tonight I got them all tucked in and settled down to read while the little darlings fell asleep. I read in their room so I get to listen to all of the winding down. This sounds like a bunch of monkeys hopped up on caffeine pills...So I sat down with "And Then There Was Light" and I am being inspired by this patient mother who helps her blind son succeed in the world..."Mom, I need to pee!" Screams Jamen. "You already went." "I need to pee!" Screams Grayson. "You are wearing a diaper." "But, I need to go!" I scoop him out of bed and take him potty. While putting the diaper back on Jamen says "Grayson say you don't want a diaper!" "I don't want a diaper" screams Grayson kicking. Jamen gets the lecture (again) about not telling people what to say and especially when it causes trouble. Mom settles down again. "RUFF RUFF" "Mom, Grayson is pretending he is a dog!" "Will you boys just settle down, that's the last warning and then I am going upstairs!" Things settle for 2.5 seconds. In the quiet I say, "I am sorry I was frustrated, I love you boys sleep well." "Mom can we all get out of bed and hug you so that we will feel better?" "Jamen, I have hugged you 6 times just blow me a kiss." Issac says, "when you are fustated you are following Satan's plan." "I know Issac I will try harder to follow Jesus' plan...." I guess Jesus' plan on teaching me not to get "fustated" is to have plenty of chances to have my patience tried...

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Perla said...

i think hearing the actual words that come out of the mouths of kids are my favorite posts of all. i'm sorry that you followed satan's plan tonight. haha. that was so funny!

yes, i have read and love "poisonwood bible", too! i'm glad we have that in common.

good job on your patience. i have always been the most easy-going, patient person. now my measure of a good day is when i can go to bed not regretting my behavior towards my kids that day. sad. good thing we get lots of chances to keep working on it!