Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Goal To Become A Mess....AND Be Happy About It

It's sweatshirt weather and that makes me happy. When I looked outside this morning it was all rainy and foggy and I thought to myself, "I am having a real Pride and Prejudice moment." For those of you who don't know what I am talking about that is my favorite movie and it's the way it looks outside with Elizabeth goes walking only to find Mr. Darcy who declares "You have bewitched me body and soul and I love, I love you." All I needed was Kyle playing the soundtrack in the background and I would have been there....he was brushing his teeth so he wasn't really helping me out but still...I digress from my original point. I sat down with my planner on Sunday and made my week goals (as usual) and actually written in my planner is that I am only allowed to pick up 3 times per day. The rest of the time is to be spent living my life and my life is being a mom. I have been good in the past to make sure I walk around behind the messes cleaning up. If I were to die tomorrow you could write on my headstone "the picker upper lies here-she managed to have her house picked up despite being the mother of five little boys." I have decided I don't like that inscription I would rather have it say, "here lies a woman who adored her husband and her children and they knew it!" So that has been my goal for the week. We made bird feeders yesterday and I spent a great deal of time coloring a pirate. I will have to keep writing it down as I fall into the trap all to often, but that is my goal, to let go. Someday my house will be neat as a pin and clean enough to eat off of the floor. Until then you are welcome to stop by, but I wouldn't eat off the floor (unless you want the cheerios the baby dropped) and we will have to move aside a stack of books and some rescue heroes to sit down. Wish me luck on my new goal!


Tevita and Jodi said...

You are so cute! Good luck with your goal. I know you will make always do! Love ya.

Lisa said...

It's such a relief finding out that someone feels the exact same way as me! It's a constant battle for me too. :)

Perla said...

what a treat to come here today and get to read two posts. i'm so proud of your for coloring a pirate. :)