Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Little Perspective

As was obvious from my last post I have been one grumpy mama the last little while. I find myself wishing I was on a beach drinking something icy having a grown up conversation with my hubby....This week my dear friend who was joyously expecting twins lost both of them and is at the hospital delivering those little ones. My heart is with her today and her kids are with me. So today I have 9 kids under 9. I am always wondering what is the most important way to spend my time. I am always wanting to accomplish more and mark more off of my to do list. Today as I rock babies to sleep, make meals & snacks, clean up, make meals & snacks, tie shoes, change diapers, solve arguments, car pool to pre-school, and a hundred other things I am grateful that they are all here and safe. I know what is the most important thing in this moment and that is these 9 little people and their needs. I am grateful that when my sweet friend comes home from this horrible tragedy that she has eight little arms that are anxious to wrap their arms around her and tell her how much that they love her. I am grateful that I have little ones that need noses wiped and need me to love them. I will tell you honestly I have been trying to maintain order and have snapped at a few of the requests of me today. But, that stops right now....I have a trampoline to jump on and I am certain there are plenty of people outside that are willing to do a pile up! And to my friend today...I love you...How I wish this day wasn't happening this way for you. I can't do much but I will love your little ones until you get home and you can love them yourself. I wait for you with a hug, flowers and chocolate and just wishing there was something more I could do to ease the pain of this experience.


Perla said...

what is your friends name? please let me know so i can pray for her specifically. and thanks for the reminder on perspective. i think i better go snuggle by each of my little ones before retiring tonight.

Tevita and Jodi said...

Heather, I can't begin to thank you enough. You will never know how much I love and appreciate you. It meant so much to me that you had my kids and I knew they were safe and being loved. Just when I think there are no more tears I read something like this and then more come. I wish you could have seen my beautiful little boys. They were so perfect and I know that is why Heavenly Father took them back. This whole experience has changed me in so many ways. I can't wait for the day to just sit and talk. Thank you again for everything. My husband and I and my kids cannot thank you enough. I love you.

Scott & Jennifer said...

I sure love you and all your "little" perspectives on life. They might be little perspectives to some, but they make such an impact on our hearts.

Thanks for being such a great mother and friend to ALL of us.

If Tevita and Jodi don't read through these posts again, please tell them that I too will be praying for them; as well as our beautiful friend Perla.

Love ya!!