Saturday, September 6, 2008

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes

One of the reasons I want to keep a blog is to record the great things that come out of my kids mouths so I don't ever forget....Here are a few as of late..
-We had just finished scripture study and Isaac, who was more reverent than usual speaks up.
Isaac: Mom I talked to Jesus this morning. He only talked to me though.
Mom: What did he look like?
Isaac: He was invisible
Dad: What did he say?
Isaac: He said be nice
Dad: How did he want you to act in primary?
Isaac: He said be good and don't bite. He is sitting by me tonight and he goes with me wherever I go. He also said if there are bees to go get your stuffed bear.
Dad: What does he say about you running away from your primary teacher?
Isaac: (holding two thumbs down) that's following Satan's plan
There you have it the wisdom of my now five year old son. I am laughing to hard to type anymore!


Perla said...

that is probably the coolest thing that i have ever read in my whole life! let me know how he does at following (or not) the right plan tomorrow!

Jess said...

sounds like he has it all figured out! I hope he remembers that in primary. maybe he should be teaching us!

Nate and Julie said...

That is just laugh out loud funny! Kids say the funniest, and most insightful things at times.

Piper said...

Ashley is the featured speaker at her Standards Night, and she's hoping that it is okay for her to use this story to illustrate Christ as the "Older Brother". I told her you would probably be ok with it...