Monday, September 1, 2008

What I do For Fun

My friend Teresa tagged me to write what I do for fun....Note that her list included things like practicing putting an IV or tube in her own self for something to do at work because she usually does it on infants and wanted some practice on a big in that vain...This is what I do for fun.
1. Order diapers in bulk and then react gleefully when they show up in the mail.
2. I just got to hold a bowl up to Grayson's mouth (shortly after he puked all over my bead) while he was throwing up. It was so lovely I was dry heaving like a first time parent. I get to practice creative puke removal methods to restore my bedding tonight.
3. I study open bloody wounds to decide if they need stitches. We usually go with "if it will be covered up then leave it." We also believe that a few war wounds are good for boys.
4. I learned how to use a metal detector to decide if coins are trapped in my children's throat. I learned this at Primary Children's after my son had to have a penny surgically removed at 2 am.
5. I hide in my bathroom with treats I don't want to share with my kids.
Good times...good times...there is so much fun the list is endless....


Nate and Julie said...

Heather, you are so funny! Your blog is definitely one of my favorites.

Amy said...

I gave your # to my friend and she said she was going to call...I hope it all works out for her...she is such a neat girl and she deserves the best! Thanks for your help!

Tevita and Jodi said...

You are crazy!! Love ya!